Joseph is fast. He is affordable, easy to book and a pleasure to work with. We’re getting great feedback from our clients about the 3D virtual tours. I’m very excited that our neighborhood now has a photographer who can provide these tours. 3D scanning technology has that “WOAH” effect, it’s fresh and super smart. It’s impressive.”

Liz McDonald, Real Estate Broker, TRG Realty Company

I had your typical 4 wall, box-like listing and was worried it was not going to stand out among all the other similar listings. I had Joseph scan the property and his 3D tour blew me away. While it didn’t make the property appear to be something more than it actually was, it simply made the unit look good. Thank you Joseph! I am constantly being told how much people enjoyed the tour on my site. I can’t wait for you to scan my next listing!

Maria Norris, Real Estate Agent, TRG Realty Company

The day I met Joseph I booked him to shoot 7 of my listings. Within two days he had scanned them all. And within three days, I had all 3D tours up on my site. Joseph is FAST. He shows up with a smile on his face and he gets the job done. And best yet, these 3D tours are WORKING. Our renters are loving them. The first two tours I posted, I received multiple phone calls with in a few hours of posting them from applicants who had seen the tours and knew they wanted the property. Marketing doesn’t get much more efficient than that. Thank you Joseph!

Ellie Hernandez, Real Estate Agent & Leasing Specialist, The Rental Girl