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What is 3D Scanning?

Introduced to the real estate world in 2014, 3D scanning utilizes Matterport technology to bring google street view-like tours to interiors. 3D scanning brings photographs to life. Once a property has been scanned, the scans are uploaded to a host site and the finished product is an interactive video tour allowing consumers to virtually visualize a space as if they were there in person.

A 3D scan is the most realistic and immersive way to experience a property online. Whether it be real estate for sale, an event space to rent, or retail space to promote – my 3D tours allow your customer to visualize your space virtually with fluidity of a first person video game, and the ease of a click of a mouse.

How It Works & Pricing

Call me to set up an appointment to scan your real estate listing, retail or event space.

It takes me approximately 45 minutes to scan about 1000 square feet. Within 24-48 hours, I will email you an embed code and URL link of your 3D virtual scan that you can then use in your marketing. *Links are good for 12 months.

Your unique URL and embed code will work similarly to a YouTube or Vimeo link. The frame will show up on your website just like a YouTube video. Unlike a YouTube video tour, however, your 3D tour is interactive allowing your clients to “walk” through the property at their pace.

Real Estate professionals: you can use the URL link for your MLS listings. Our links are MLS compliant.

Pricing? Please contact me for a quote, as my fees vary depending on a number of factors. The primary factor is square footage to be scanned.

Presto, that’s it!

My Services

Residential Real Estate Sales
Engage buyers. Delight sellers. Our 3D virtual walk through scans are the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online.

Many hospitality consumers require visual cues before making reservations. 3D virtual tours allow your customers to experience your hotel rooms as if they were there.

Commercial Real Estate
Promote your new developments – apartment complexes, condominiums and future developments by showcasing your premiere models and building amenities through 3D virtual walk through scans. 

3D scans allow construction managers to effectively manage their jobs. Construction managers can share visually rich, 3D project updates as easily as taking a photo. Remote clients can see a project’s status and get details for making design and purchasing decisions. Remote teams feel as if they are there, making their jobs easier and teams more cohesive.

Real Estate Leasing
Impress landlords. Attract renters. Fill your vacancies faster and more efficiently by showcasing your available units through 3D virtual walk through scans. 

Event Spaces
3D scans can help retail spaces, museums and other public venues market their spaces. Potential visitors get a powerful sense of walking through an exhibit or venue. 3D is a meaningful, emotional, visual way to experience a venue online. Through a online 3D virtual tour, customers can visualize any item directly in-situ in their home on the retailer’s website. 3D scans is a key part of the optimal “click and mortar” showroom and commerce experience.

Who is Behind All This

Joseph is a resident of Silver Lake, Los Angeles. He has been involved in the local Real Estate market since 2001. He has a passion for technology and marketing. In 2015, Joseph started Joe Shoots 3D to bring 3D tours to his local real estate market. 

Get in Touch with Me

Call, text or email me for more info. I look forward to bringing 3D technology to your business!

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